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About Me

I'm a run-of-the-mill, nine to five guy. Home base is north central Alabama in the small town where I grew up. My pay check comes from being an attorney and, oddly enough, a graphic designer. Oh, I'm also the Mayor of my hometown. That unique balance keeps both sides of my brain working together and allows me to switch from one occupation to the other multiple times a day.

I travel because if I didn't I would go bananas. It's my drug. Home is where the heart is, but travel keeps mine beating. I have an unquenchable thirst to see everything I possibly can on this planet. Mountains, beaches, plains, ruins, rivers, churches, streets, oceans. It's all on my ever growing list of must see locations. Capturing the moment is everything to me. While I do not claim to be a seasoned photographer, I'll always try for "the shot". I post everything. If you follow me on FacebookInstagram or TikTok you'll figure that out (ignoring the eye rolls from those that know me well).

I collect destinations, if that's a thing. Sure I pick up trinkets that remind me of each adventure. However, what I cherish the most is knowing my two feet stood at the Acropolis; they knelt in Notre Dame; they ran down the curving streets of Italy; they stood still gazing over the glaciers of Iceland; they carried me to all of these magical places where I stood in awe at creation.

I'll never get enough. Here's to me getting my fix.


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